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Title: Life of Others - Installation view
Assemblage with found objects, electronic waste and repurposed materials

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Life of Others is a series and installation of artworks which speaks about - not really a dystopic future -
but current events that are happening: authoritarian governments, surveillance, controlling others and suppression of liberties;
spy webs and media manipulation...
They aren't too different from what we are witnessing now.
It was present in the past during the iron curtain, during Nazism and in Latin America governments - as examples.
And it has come back strong right now. (Like: the word war 'awards' people with 15 years in jail.)

In this (sur)real series we have:

The Headquarters - connecting the world - managing, assisting and interchanging information;
The Spyweb - collects data from the citizens using the algorithms and surveillance devices;
The Bots - ready to obey the orders;
The Truth Bender device - nothing is what you think, everything is what we think;
The Mind Crusher - using sound waves to interfere with people's minds;
TheSpycraft: a spy at your hand;
The ChokNouveau brand - lifetime guarantee with a single use, you don't need more than one.

The colors are dark red, black, silver— they are bold, authoritarian.
And like the Nazis, some politicians nowadays have used this symbology again.
This installation is a call for awareness: pay attention, understand, it is here, right now.

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