Roberta Masciarelli is a visual artist based in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Born in Brazil, she has always been passionate about the arts and started her career as an illustrator after graduating with a degree in Architecture.
However, as she progressed in her career, she became increasingly interested in painting and experimenting with mixed media. Eventually, she discovered her true passion: creating sculptures with found objects.

Inspired by her background in Architecture, Masciarelli constructs structures using repurposed materials such as electronic waste and pencils to create fictional factories, devices, and imaginary situations that draw attention to environmental issues. She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world, including the Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti in Italy, the Vestervig Prison and Legal Historical Museum in Denmark and the Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts, USA.

In 2018, she held a solo show called Constructio, which focused on factories, devices, and technology, at the Shore Gallery in Abilene, Texas. In 2019, she participated in a two-person exhibit at the Terminal 136 Art Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.

Masciarelli has also been recognized for her work, receiving the Virginia and Andre Belly Award in the 3-D category at the 90th San Antonio Art League & Museum Juried Exhibition, as well as the Fred Plank Sculpture Award at the 92nd San Antonio Art League & Museum.

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