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Most of my artworks are spaces where I tell stories. I invite the viewer to get inside this space, seeing the details from a close perspective and to understand how it was built--it is my background as an Architect...

My style is loosely based on Brutalism - a short tendency in Architecture in the timeframe of 50ís-70ís. On that school of thought the infrastructure of a building was not hidden. Au contraire, electric wires, conduits, plumbing and other details were apparent to the user, making part of the visual result.

I like to show how I made my piece: the beauty is in the knowledge and truth.

The use of found objects are the main focus in my creations.
We live in a society that discards everything without thinking where those things came from or what damage this is going to make to our environment.

I pass my message showing other uses for the found objects, creating imaginary devices and factories with my sculptures. Playing.
And my art reaches younger people who love and understand my work.

I have a dream that all we are going through right now in the world will pass and our future will be better. Just with creativity and jumping quantum leaps we will fix our future.

The message in my art: to imagine other solutions reusing what we have, recycling our disposables.

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