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Title: Cosa Fare, Dove Andare?

Assemblage sculpture with recycled and repurposed materials

This board game came to my hands recently—a game which I played a lot when I was young. It was like re-reading an old book in a different way. I saw a game based on winning and greed with a strong connotation of “whatever happens to others is not my problem”—social indifference.

All about a rich guy who buys a bunch of small houses creating a new development, dislocating people away from where they work and live. We keep seeing so much of this in our cities and it is not new. It just keeps going on.

In this artwork, the main piece is in the central area at the bottom, showing people in distortion, like old ghosts.
They are people who went through this process, their voices echoing: What to do? Where to go? / “Cosa Fare? Dove Andare?
They can’t be seen clearly but they are there.
And they aren’t — it depends on how the viewer looks.

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