Assemblage Sculptures | 4

Title: Radio Gaga
Assemblage sculpture with found objects and electronic waste

This piece is about a song which became a video in the 80ís based on a movie created in 1925.

The song is #RadioGaga by #Queen. When the video was made they -most specifically Fred Mercury - used some footage of Metropolis by #FritzLang, the first sci-fi movie, created in 1925.
The original footage is fantastic - a German impressionist movie - and the video, released in the 80ís - Radio Gaga - is superb as well.

When I started creating this art, I had a lot of technical problems on how to do it.
And the music kept coming to my mind like a mantra.

I created the antique look for fitting into that Metropolis look.
The diagrams at the front and the mirror ball used came as inspiration from the beautiful sci-fi robot from the movie.
So here it is, Radio Gaga.

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