Assemblage Sculptures | 3

Title: The Spycraft - Life of Others Series
Assemblage with found objects, electronic waste and repurposed materials

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The Life of Others is a series of artworks and installation reflecting on the state of the world today.
It's important to recognize and call attention to the ways in which authoritarian governments, surveillance, control and suppression of liberties continue to impact people's lives and undermine their freedoms.
The use of dark red, black, and silver colors are intentional and evocative like the use of similar symbology by some contemporary politicians.

The installation serves as a reminder of the need for awareness and action in the face of ongoing threats to liberty and democracy.

This (sur)real series is an imaginative exploration of some of the key issues and technologies that shape our world today, offering sometimes a dark look at some of them:

The Headquarters
A central location where surveillance operations are coordinated and managed. Its primary role is to gather and analyze information from a variety of sources in order to identify potential threats in the social media and other online platforms, tracking the movements of individuals, and analyzing data from sensors and other monitoring devices. It may also be responsible for managing and maintaining the equipment and technology used in the surveillance operations, training and coordinating the personnel who are responsible for carrying out the surveillance activities.

The SpyCraft
Drones and micro cameras - used to gather information about a specific target or area through surveillance. Drones can be equipped with sensors, cameras, and other technologies to gather information from the air. Micro cameras are portable and can be placed in various locations to capture images or video footage. Both can be used for a wide range of purposes, including military and intelligence operations, law enforcement. Their use also raises concerns about privacy and civil liberties and it is often subject to legal and ethical scrutiny.

The SpyWeb
Surveillance and psychological manipulation has being used to control and influence people's thoughts and behaviors, a real and ongoing concern in many societies around the world. Surveillance technologies, such as cameras, sensors, and tracking devices, can be used to monitor and collect information about people's movements, activities, and communications and this information can be used to influence or control their behavior in various ways.

The MindCrasher
A fictional device that does not exist in the real world - but maybe linked to Havana Syndrome, a real phenomenon that has been reported by some United States diplomats and other individuals who were stationed in Havana, Cuba. These individuals have reported a range of symptoms including hearing loss, dizziness, headaches, and cognitive problems, which some have attributed to unidentified sonic or microwave attacks. The cause of these symptoms and the circumstances under which they occurred remain unclear.

The Bots
Or robotic systems - are a type of technology used to automate and control various aspects of our lives. These systems can range from simple machines that perform repetitive tasks to complex artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can learn, adapt, and make decisions on their own. They can be used for surveillance in public or private spaces to monitor and track the movements of individuals, gathering information about their behaviors. Their use also raises important questions about the balance between security and individual freedom.

The Watcher
A person or entity that is tracking someone's movements, potentially in a threatening or invasive manner. This tracking can be done through surveillance technologies such as cameras, sensors and tracking devices as well as through social media and other online platforms that allow people to share their location and activities with others. It may be a potentially threatening or malicious entity such as a stalker or a government agency.

The TruthBender
The concept of external forces shaping and manipulating our perceptions and understanding of reality is real and an ongoing concern in many societies around the world. These ways include propaganda, persuasion, media and psychological manipulation techniques. These forces can be used to promote specific beliefs, attitudes, behaviors or to distort or undermine people's understanding of the world around them. It raises important questions about the role of media, the integrity of information, and the balance between free expression and the public interest.

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore
The artwork delves into themes of authoritarianism, surveillance technology, and the current state of affairs. It reflects on the astonishing events amplified by the volatility of social media and technology, leading us into uncharted territory, while prompting the question: "How did we get here?"
The box itself embodies a return to the Neo-classical architectural style often favored by authoritarian governments. The broken light bulbs inside symbolize outdated and defunct ideas resurfacing in our contemporary society.
The green eye represents the watchful gaze of surveillance, while the red lights serve as alarm bells, warning us about the obscurantism• prevalent in these times.

(• Obscurantism is the deliberate practice or policy of making something vague and difficult to understand, especially to prevent people from discovering the truth.)

The Great Escape
This last artwork of The Life of Others, has an optimistic view: a glimmer of hope within the prevailing theme of oppression. In this final piece, the controlling eye, symbolizing authority and oppression, observes as a transformative escape unfolds before it. This eye, though remaining vigilant, finds itself powerless in the face of change. The times have evolved, leaving no room for a return to the status quo—an unwavering belief in the unstoppable momentum of progress. "The Great Escape" tells a compelling story of resilience and liberation where the once-dominant eye can only bear witness to the emergence of a new era, incapable of hindering the irreversible tide of progress.

The ChokNouveau Brand
Lifetime Guarantee - Effective with a just single use.
A reminder that chemical weapons are highly toxic and have been banned by international treaty due to the devastating effects they can have on human health and the environment.

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