Assemblage Sculptures | 3

Title: Playing in a Spaceship

Assemblage sculpture with electronic waste and repurposed materials

First artwork of the year, a remake from 2016.
I felt that the original idea didn’t express the social integration that I wanted to convey… somehow the message was lost.

This is about races and cultures, (dogs of different breeds, cats and a lemur) where everybody interact with each other in a playful way.
The gravity (social rules) in a spaceship does not exist and they are free be themselves and play in peace.
They can change their place jumping from one place to another, to be upside down, upright— It doesn’t matter.

It is a fable - or a parable? - of a world that is far from real in this moment.
But if the animals can do it, maybe one day we will as well.

(The last image is the original)

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