Assemblage Sculptures | 2

Title: Deus Est Potens Avis (God is a Mighty Bird)
Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Size: 17.5x19x5in

This artwork was created in 2012 and it was repaired recently, after
falling down and breaking the glasses (see the last picture).

Taking the opportunity, I refined some details overlooked on that time. 
It is also related to the subject of my prior piece Pray for Peace.
See the explanation below, a very familiar subject right now…

A feather from the Mighty Bird
passes through a blend of energies
And the, it was replicated in smaller ones, but in different colors.

These Small Feathers knew that they all came from the same original Source.
But they forgot.

They have forgotten that they are just One, split in several colors.

They looked different. So, they kept fighting -- until now

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