Assemblage Sculptures | 2

Title: Tesla Tower
Assemblage sculpture with found objects
Size: 23x8.5x6in

Tesla Tower - a working in progress, 2012-2020.
I created the 1st version of this piece in 2012. It is one of my first ones using metal & hardware as material.
It was flimsy— I didn’t have the building skills at that time.

So I built the 2nd version: more robust. Unfortunately it fell down when it was displayed in a show and it was damaged.
Then the 3rd version was built. It was not right though and I left it hidden in my studio waiting for me to do something about it—
It was about NikolaTesla, it had to be right!

Now, the final version: it is not just about the Tower but Tesla's history: birth, death, the hotel room 3327 (where he lived in NYC).

The artwork has two styles, which are different sides from the same coin - one contemporary and other traditional.
They are contradictory: Tesla was born in the Victorian Era - 1856 - and his visions were too advanced for his time.
It is a tribute to him, his exceptional mind and legacy that built our lifestyle using electric energy.

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